Oracle, Cult Leader, Homewrecker


Our heroes (?) met Vadran at the same time they met Sir Gregoir, waiting in the living room of a local cult member’s home. There were suspicions about her right from the start, and who can blame anyone? Her bony, grinning face always seemed to be trying to get attention away from her, and questions asked of her were always answered with riddles or more questions.

Her allegiances were made even more suspect when a party member caught her feeding the soul of an ancestor (whom her position was sworn to protect and honor) to a ghostly demon in a ritual held in Gregoir’s own home! Soon after, Nostariel and Bo visited Vadran at her tribal home in the woodlands north of Sharn. Nostariel’s father, _____, was found there, wasting away and half mad with a strange illness. Nostariel demanded he be taken into Gregoir’s care and went to make sure it came to pass with Vadran. There, undeniable evidence was brought before her confirming Vadran’s hand in binding demons to the entire tribe, which she responded to with a botched summoning ritual.

The demon-aberrant survived long enough for Vadran to get the slip, and she hasn’t been seen since. Efforts to track her down have been minimal.


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